Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Jones DNA findings

Current DNA connections for the supposed children of Stephen Jones prove one connection between a descendant of Moses Jones (1799-1879) and a descendant of Benjamin V, Jones (1806-1886). A second connection has been proven between a descendant of Rachel Jones, the mother of Stephan VanSickle (no dates, no parents listed), and a descendant of Harriet Jones (1804-????).

At this point in time, 4 individuals with DNA connections have been identified by DNA testing. Two connections have been identified, but no cross connections, Ancestry does note that as the degree of separation becomes greater, the accuracy of DNA to predict relationships diminishes:

"For relationships this distant from you, there is greater statistical variation in our prediction. It’s most likely to be a fourth cousin type of relationship (which are separated by ten degrees or ten people), but the relationship could range from six to twelve degrees of separation.

It’s interesting to note that (at this degree of separation) we are accurately able to predict only about 71% of the possible relatives that are out there—in other words there is a 29% chance that our DNA analysis can NOT recognize an actual relative of yours. One way to be more certain that the DNA testing captures as many relatives as possible is to have multiple members of your immediate family tested."

In other words, the more descendants are tested, the more certain the connections are.

Anyone who believes they are descended from one of the children of Stephen Jones and his wife, Keziah Strawn can add to the DNA research pool at Hopefully additional DNA results will continue to prove the research which has been done on this family, and will help prove or disprove the conjectured relationships with unproven children.