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Children of Stephen Jones

UPDATED July 2016
UPDATED April 2011
UPDATED March 2011

Ancestral File v.4 19 at credits Stephen and Keziah (nee Strawn) Jones with twelve children; no sources are cited in the Ancestral File. I believe that there may have been thirteen children. Below is a listing of these children, *proven* and *unproven*; note child #13, not included in the ancestral file.

1. John Jones *proven* b. ca 1795 Washington Co. PA

d. prob. bef. 1800, when Stephen Jones is enumerated with two sons (Hiram and Moses, both proven), and two daughters.

July 2016 UPDATE: while details on John Jones are unknown, it is clear from documented church records that Stephen Jones did have a son named John, who clearly died before 8 Apr 1844. Research on John will continue.

2. Hiram Jones *proven* b. ca 1796 Washington Co. PA

Hiram is mentioned by name in Stephen Jones' letter of 2 Dec 1831. On 8 Apr 1844 Moses Jones was baptized for his deceased brother, Hiram Jones. Hiram is listed in the Cincinnati Directory as working in a type foundry. His name appears 3 times in the 1830 Census in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH: 1830 Census OH Hamilton No. Liberties of Cincinnati Hiram Jones 1m 5-9, 1m 30-39, 2f u5, 1f 20-29 1830 Census OH Hamilton Cincinnati 2WD P 3 Hiram Jones 1m 30-39, 1m 50-59, 1f u5, 1f 20-29 George Carr 2m u5, 1m 30-39, 1f 20-29 1830 Census OH Hamilton Cincinnati 5WD p.51 744 Hiram Jones 1m 20-29, 1m 60-69, 1f u5, 1f 30-39 Nehemiah Blake 1m 5-u10, 2m 10-14, 1m 30-39, 1f u5, 1f 5-9, 1f 30-39 Hiram's age in this last record, enumerated just before Nehemiah Blake, is not correct, but the family make-up is the same as that of the Hiram who was enumerated just before George Carr. Are these the same Hiram Jones? Who is the first Hiram? According to the book Index of Death Notices and Marriage Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 1827-1881, Part 1 (Jeffrey G. Herbert; Heritabe Books; 2007;Google Books), a Hiram Jones died 24 Oct 1832 in Cincinnati; more research is needed to verify this is Stephen Jones' son, Hiram.

3. Lydia Jones *unproven* b. ca 1797 Washington, PA d. bef. 1876; m. Samuel Clark

July 2016 UPDATE: Church records suggest that Stephen Jones had a daughter named Lydia, born in PA, and died before 26 Apr 1876. I feel it unlikely that she married a Samuel Clark, based on the fact that Keziah (nee Strawn) Jones had a sister, Lydia, who appears to have married a Samuel Clark. Research continues, to try to identify Lydia as an adult.

4. Rachel Jones *unproven* b. 1 Jul 1798 Washington PA m. Henry Blake

Jul 2016 UPDATE: Church records suggest that Stephen had a daughter named Rachel, b. 1 Jul 1798 in PA and died before 26 Apr 1876; married a BLAKE. Research continues to positively identify the wife of Nehemiah Blake as the same Rachel as the daughter of Stephen Jones.

It is possible that this is the Rachel Jones who m. 1) William Van Sickle in Cincinnati on 29 Jan 1818 (their son, Stephen Van Sickle b. ca 1820 Cincinnati OH) and m. 2) Nehemiah Blake in Hamilton Co. OH ca 1830 (their daughter, Permelia Ann Blake b. 31 Mar 1831 Cincinnati OH). Note that Rachel named a son Stephen; I believe the daughter's name, Permelia, is also a family name. A Rachel Vansickle is found in the 1820 census, living in Madison, Butler County, OH (U.S. Census OH Butler Madison p.5) Rachel, between ages 26 and 45, is listed as head of household; in the same household are 2 boys under age 10, 3 girls under age 10, and 1 girl between ages 10 and 16. [see Jeannie M.'s post below regarding this census and the 1825 Cincinnati Directory]

A Stephen Vansickle is found in Wapello, Louisa County, IA in 1850 and following. Iowa state census record indicate he moved to Iowa about 1848. A Nehemiah Blake is found in Louisa County, IA as early as the 1847 Iowa State Census; in that census the household includes 1 male over 21, 2 females under 21, and 1 female over 21 (on the same page appears his son, Henry Clay Blake, with presumably a wife, and a son under age 21). Thanks to Jeannie M. for Stephen Van Sickle's obit:
"Columbus Gazette, May 18, 1893: Stephen Vansickle died at his home in Wapello, May 15...He was a step-son of the eccentric Nehemiah Blake, who died a number of years since at Morning Sun," 
and Permelia (nee Blake) Wilson's obit:
"Mrs. Permelia (Blake) Wilson was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, in March 1831. With her parents, she removed in 1832 to the vicinity of Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio. In 1847, the family removed to near Morning Sun, Iowa." 
Nehemiah Blake, Stephen Van Sickle, and Permelia (nee Blake) Wilson are all buried in Brown/Rice Cemetery in Morning Sun, Louisa county, IA. No record of Rachel's death or burial has been found; no wife is found in Nehemiah's household in the 1850 census.

5. Moses Jones *proven* b. 4 Jul 1799 Washington, Washington PA d. 10 Mar 1879 Provo, Utah, UT bur. 12 Mar 1879 Provo, Utah, UT m. 1) Eliza Case 2) Ann Cliff

Moses is mentioned in Stephen Jones' letters dated 2 Dec 1831 and 1 May 1838. Stephen Jones writes of his son, Moses, purchasing a lot and house in Quincy. In 1840/41 Stephen is identified living with Moses Jones in Quincy, IL. Moses became a member of the LDS Church, and was baptized for his deceased mother, Kisiah Jones. Moses he and his wife, Eliza are named in the Quincy church records. They named a son Stephen S. Jones.

6. Hannah Jones *unproven* b. 1 Jun 1800 Washington, PA

July 2016 UPDATE: Church records suggest that Stephen had a daughter named Hannah; no indication of a marriage. Research continues, to try to identify Hannah as an adult. 

7. Elizabeth Jones *needs stronger proof* b. ca 1801 Washington, PA m. George Carr

George Carr, is mentioned by name in Stephen Jones' letter of 2 Dec 1831, although a relationship is not stated. In 1830 George Carr and Hiram Jones are enumerated sequentially in the census in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH (see #2 Hiram Jones). George and Elizabeth Carr appear in the censuses from 1850 to 1870 in Campbell Co. KY. Their sons include Stephen and Benjamin Carr.

8. Stephen Jones Jr. *proven* b. ca 1802 Middletown, Butler, OH

July 2016 UPDATE: Church records indicate that Stephen's son, also named Stephen, died before 26 Apr 1876. Research continues, to try to identify Stephen as an adult. 

Stephen Jr. is mentioned by name in Stephen Jones' letter of 2 Dec 1831, and other documents refer to Stephen Jones, Senior, inferring there was a Stephen Jones Junior. No other information known.

9. Phoebe Jones *unproven* b. ca 1803 Middletown, Butler, OH

July 2016 UPDATE: Church records suggest that Stephen had a daughter named Phoebe; no indication of a marriage. Research continues, to try to identify Phoebe as an adult. 

10. Harriet Jones *unproven* b. ca 1804 Middletown, Butler, OH

Jul 2016 UPDATE: Church records suggest that Stephen had a daughter named Harriet; no indication of a marriage. Research continues, to try to positively identify Harriet as an adult. 

The Harriet Jones listed among Stephen Jones' children in the LDS Ancestral File matches closely to Harriet (nee Jones) Ward Franconi, widow of Zebediah Ward and Lewis Franconi, b. bet. 1802 and 1804 in Ohio. Confirming evidence are the affidavit of the witness Jno Lewis, dated 1855 in Cincinnati, OH, which states that Harriet Franconi's father was Stephen Jones, and the fact that she was residing at Aaron Hutton, the same person that a son of Benjamin Jones resided with in 1870, stating in a letter that he was living with his aunt. Harriet named a son Stephen Benjamin Ward.

11. Mary Ann Jones *proven* b. ca 1805 Middletown, Butler, OH

Mary Ann is mentioned by name in Stephen Jones' letter of 2 Dec 1831. A marriage of a Mary Ann Jones to a George Trace is recorded on in Butler Co. OH. Stephen Jones mentions George Trace in his letter dated 1 May 1838. George and Mary Trace are found in Hanover, Butler Co. OH in the 1850 census; this Mary Ann was born ca. 1818, conflicting with the Ancestral File. They named a son Stephen Trace.

April 2011 UPDATE--Some progress has been made on proving Mary Ann Trace to be the same Mary Ann of Stephen Jones' letter. A descendant of Mary Ann contacted a Stephen Jones researcher, and provided the list of Stephen's children handed down through her family. An experienced researcher, newly researching Mary Ann Jones Trace, this person had no prior knowledge of the work done on Stephen Jones, yet her list of children, with some small differences, matches that of other researchers. It looks probable Mary Ann, wife of George Trace, is Stephen Jones daughter.

12. Benjamin V. Jones *proven* b. 1 Apr 1806 Greene, PA. d. 1 Apr 1886 Covington, Kenton, KY. bur. 3 Apr 1886 Spring Grove Cemetery, Hamilton, OH m. 1) Jane Owens and 2) 18 Jan 1852 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH to Mary Ann "Molly" Falkinburg

Benjamin is mentioned by name in Stephen Jones' letter of 2 Dec 1831. He confirmed his birth date and place by information he provided to the Cincinnati Pioneer publication in 1856. An affidavit is found in Stephen Jones' pension file, recorded in Hamilton Co., OH on 11 Sep 1836 is a statement by Benjamin V. Jones stating "for the last Twenty Years, [he] frequently heard Stephen Jones Senior, say that he served as a regular soldier in the War of the American Revolution." Benjamin and Jane named a daughter Harriet Jones. Before 1870 Benjamin sent his son, William Eugene Jones to live with his "Aunt Millie," who the census shows to be the wife of Aaron Hutton (see #10 Harriet Jones); William is found in the household of Aaron and Parmelia Hutton in Columbia, Hamilton Co. OH in the 1870 census). Letters written by Stephen Jones were preserved by descendants of Benjamin V. Jones.

July 2016 UPDATE: DAR has now accepted lineage through Benjamin V. Jones to RWP Stephen Jones. 

13. Permelia Jones (not listed in the Ancestral File) *unproven* b. ca 1805 PA

A marriage for Permelia Jones and Aaron Hutton was recorded on 12 Apr 1832 in Butler Co. OH. Aaron and Permelia Hutton are found in Hamilton Co. OH in the 1850 through 1870 censuses. It was Aaron and Permelia "Millie" Hutton that Harriet (nee Jones) Ward Franconi and William Eugene Jones resided with. Their daughters include Harriet, Elizabeth and Mary A. Hutton.

March 2011: UPDATE--Permelia Hutton's burial record has been found at the website for Mt. Washington Cemetery in Hamilton County, Ohio . It spells her name Pamellia Hutton, and states she was born 1810 in Kentucky. She died 26 Feb 1893. Most important to this search, her father's name is given as Stephen Jones.


  1. Hi Vicki! What a pleasant surprise to find your blog this evening.

    With at least three courthouse fires in Cincinnati that I can confirm, I've all about given up hope on proving that Mrs. Rachel Van Sickle was the daughter of Stephen Jones. It's probably going to take a trip to Salt Lake to find any further info. If I'm ever lucky enough to go, I'll be sure to let you know- since we're probably cousins and definitely neighbors (if you're still in NorCal.)

    I look all the time for Jones info. and compare what I've found with your tree at Ancestry. If I ever come across anything new, I'll make sure to tell you. Please keep in touch.


    P.S. I did not know that Mary Jones-Trace is now proven. Nice! Thanks! :D

  2. P.S. Believe it or not, the Rachel Van Sickle in the 1820 Census is a different person. The first I have been to find our Rachel is in the 1825 Cincinnati Directory (Page 99):

    "Van Syckle, Rachel, Pennsylvania, Glove Maker) Deer Creek E. of Court House, Cincinnati, Ohio"

    I strongly believe that Rachel died in Louisa Co. IA in 1849 or 1850. I'm hopeful to find an early record of her in the county.

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