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Residence 1830-1831

A Stephen Jones is found in 1830 in Liberty Township, Delaware County, Indiana. In the household are one male age 50-60, 1 male age 60-70, and one female age 40-50. Stephen fits the age 60-70 category, and the female is presumably his wife. The identity of the male age 50-60 is unknown. None of the individuals believed to be Stephen Jones' children are found in Delaware County.

Stephen Jones' residence in Delaware County is substantiated by a subpoena issued on 11 Sep 1830 for Stephen Jones, Mary Jones, John Biles, and James Taylor in Delaware County, Indiana, as witnesses for the defendant in the case of State vs. Robbins.
Two subsequent subpoenas were issued on 26 Jun 1833 and 20 Dec 1833 for Alfred Lee, David Jones, Andrew Boggs & docket, Stephen Jones & wife, Isaac Martin and John Bathel in Delaware County, Indiana, as witnesses in the case of State vs. Shappell.

Additional verification is provided by a letter written by Stephen Jones on 28 Dec 1831 in Delaware County, Indiana.

The letter, carefully preserved underneath tissue paper by Hannah (nee Uhl) Jones (wife of William Eugene Jones, who was the son of Benjamin V. Jones), was discovered by Hannah's daughters, Fanny Myrtle (nee Jones) Leasure and Mary Susan "Mamie" (nee Jones) Shafer about 1958. The letter had been kept in the bottom of Hannah's trunk, which she brought with her when she moved to the home of her daughter, Mamie, in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana. The trunk remained in Mamie's possession after Hannah's death in 1955.

Addressed to Moses Jones in Grass Creek, (now Fulton County), Indiana, Stephen begins with the salutation "Dear children." He later lists individuals presumed to be his sons, daughter, and son-in-law: "Moses, Hiram, Benjamin & Stephen Jones Jr., George Carr, and all my daughters." Benjamin is instructed in the letter, to "see to Mary Ann," and Stephen writes he has sent word by Job Strawn [presumed his brother-in-law], to have her [Mary Ann] "chose [sic] you [Benjamin] her she had no parents in the state."

The Mississinewa River is located in the top center of the map. It loops down and back up again in a "U" shape. Muncie is located at the bottom left, and Winchester to the bottom right, in the area off the map.

Stephen describes where he is living as 'on the Misisin---a [Mississinewa] river, 20 miles from Winchester, and 11 from Muncy [Muncie] town.' He asks his children to direct letters sent to him to the Winchester Post Office. In the body of the letter Stephen refers to his children's step-mother, and signs the letter "Stephen Jones" and "Mary."

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