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To Have and To Hold

Updated 16 Oct 2010

Documentation on Stephen Jones' marriages is sparse, to say the least. One of the best sources for his first marriage is a record of a Proxy Baptism for the Dead performed on 17 Nov 1840 at Quincy, Illinois by Stephen's son, Moses Jones, for "Kisiah Jones," whose relationship was "mother." [Baptisms for the Dead, Vol. A, 1840-1841; FHL US/CAN 0183376]

This establishes that Stephen was married to a woman named Kisiah (or Keziah) at the time of Moses' birth. Moses Jones' grave marker states his birth place was "Washington, PA" which is where Stephen is reported to have married Keziah Strawn in 1792.

This is the same area to which John Strawn and Keziah Dennis removed sometime after they married in 1770, settling in "Morgan Township in the forks of Ten Mile the northeast corner of the present Greene County, Pennsylvania, where they were living in 1804...." [Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks: With Some Account of Their Descendants; Robert, Clarence V.; Genealogical Publishing Company; 1975]. Their children reportedly include a daughter named Keziah.

John Strawn's will (Greene County, Pennsylvania Will Book I, #114, pp. 72-73), probated in 1808 in Greene County, Pennsylvania names as executors son Jacob and "son-in-law Stephen Jones." [Building An American Pedigree: A Study In Genealogy; Wright, Norman Edgar M.S., A.G.; Brigham Young University Press; 1974]

Greene County was formed from Washington County in 1796. In the 1800 census in Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, on page 4, line 19, there appears a Stephen Jones aged between 26 and 45, with 2 males under age 10, 2 females under 10, and one female between the ages of 16 and 26. This roughly matches the make up of what researchers believe Stephen Jones family to have been at this time.

Sometime around 1801-1802 Stephen is supposed to have moved his family to Hamilton County, Ohio. Keziah is believed to have died or been put aside sometime after 1806.

By 1831 Stephen was married to a woman named "Mary." This is proven by the letter he wrote from Delaware County, Indiana, referring toher as his children's 'step-mother.' It is believed this may be a woman named Mary Davis, who married a Stephen Jones on 15 Apr 1813 in Montgomery, Ohio (is this Montgomery County? or Montgomery, Hamilton County?). Mary Davis of Montgomery, Ohio is apparently NOT a marriage of Stephen Jones from Essex, NJ; see note on question near end of post.
In addition, N. Bennett had written to me that this Stephen Jones married an Ann Palin. I find no other mention of this anywhere. Can anyone tell me anything about this marriage?

In his book Building An American Pedigree (cited above), Norman Wright implies that Stephen Jones was married to a woman named Alabama, whose grave is found near Winchester, Indiana (Stephen lived in Delaware County, near Winchester). Wright shows a photo of the grave marker, which reads "Alabama wife of Stephen Jones died ??? 18??." I found that this grave, and another of 'Edward N., infant son of S & A d. 23 Mar 1853 aged 1y 3m 2d,' are located in Thraikill (or Thrailkill) Cemetery in Grant County, Indiana. Alabama's stone is reported "broken and set in cement; no date visible." Alabama Jones, age 25 born in IN, is found in the 1850 Census in Dist. 97, Rush County, Indiana, with her husband, Stephen age 29, also born in IN, plus two sons, Henry age 7 and Wm age 5, both born in IA. This is NOT a marriage of Stephen Jones from Essex, NJ.

I had also found a marriage for a Stephen Jones to Louisa Dodge on 31 Dec 1837 in Clinton County, Missouri, another area near where Stephen Jones was known to have lived (this Stephen has proved to be a widower with 4 children, born ca l805 in Kentucky, who lived in Andrew County, Missouri in 1850). This, also, is NOT a marriage of Stephen Jones from Essex, NJ.

So, what happened to Keziah? And why do some researchers state she died in 1843?

Is Mary Davis the same Mary Stephen named in his letter? In 1820 a Stephen Jones and wife, both between the ages of 26-44, and 5 children under the age of 10, are living in Montgomery County, Ohio.
L. Eliason has discovered several deeds in Montgomery County, Ohio that appear to be for this younger man. As of this date, it is my opinion, and that of L. Eliason, that Mary Davis was the wife of this younger Stephen Jones, not the wife of Stephen Jones, the RW Veteran.

When and where did Stephen marry Ann Palin, if he, indeed, was married to her?

And what happened to Mary and (possibly) Ann?

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