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Residence 1794-1800

Stephen Jones and Keziah Strawn were reportedly married in 1794 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Based on a birth year of 1763, he would have been about 31 years old when he married her. Where was he prior to this marriage?

Ancestry has 23 results for Ste* Jones in the 1790 census. None of the locations are logical conclusions to be the one from Essex County, New Jersey, who married ca 1794 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Of course, it's likely that, as a single man, he was enumerated in someone else's household. Possibly he was living with family, or working as a farm laborer.

The first seven of Stephen and Keziah's children are stated to have been born in Washington and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania between 1795 and 1801. The 8th child, Stephen Jr., is stated to have been born in Ohio ca 1802. This information tells us that Stephen Jones should be found in the 1800 census in Washington or Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Greene County, Pennsylvania was formed from part of Washington County in 1796. It's possible that Stephen and Keziah lived in one spot that became a different county, thus they changed addresses, without actually moving.

Morgan Township was formed in 1781 as a part of Washington County; it is currently located in the upper right-hand side of Greene County, Pennsylvania

A search of the 1800 census reveals a Stephen Jones living in Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania: 1800 Census PA Greene Morgan P 3 L 19 Jones Stephen 2 - - 1 - 2 - 1 - - -

Correlating individuals claimed to be Stephen's children gives the following results:
2 males under 10: John b. 1795, Hiram b. 1796, Moses b. 1799
1 male 26-44: Stephen b. 1763
2 females under 10: Lydia b. 1797, Rachel b. 1798
1 female 16-25: Keziah b. 1773

There are two discrepancies here:

1) According to the Ancestral File entry, Keziah was born 6 Mar 1773, and would have turned 27 on her birthday in 1800. That makes the census off by 2 years. The difference in Keziah's age is small, and can be attributed to either the Ancestral File record, or the census being off.

2) There are only 2 males listed under 10 years of age, but according to the Ancestral File, there should be three: John, Hiram and Moses. One answer to this is that Hiram and Moses are identified in later documents, but John is not. It's possible that John died as a child, or that one of the males was missed in the count.

I feel confidant that this is the correct Stephen Jones in 1800.

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